This Week's Edition / September 25, 2014

First Bite

Mid City to get new butcher shop

A local personal chef is taking his talents to Mid City. Steven Diehl, owner of the catering and personal chef service Good Diehl, plans to open Twine: Modern Meat Market at 625 S. Acadian Thruway in mid-November.

The butcher shop, named after the butcher's twine used to wrap meats, will offer a selection of locally sourced, hand-cut beef, pork, chicken, seafood and more. The new shop will also be open six days a week for lunch, serving a seasonal menu with burgers, salads, sandwiches and vegetarian options.

"While Twine is not your grandma's style butcher shop, it will bring back the nostalgia of having meats cut personally for you, knowing where your food comes from, being able to discuss options and preparation techniques and being able to pair your meats with unique and healthy sides," Diehl said in a press release. Read the full story.

Triumph Kitchen students take over Taco de Paco

Chef Chris Wadsworth and his students from Triumph Kitchen have taken over the day-to-day operations of local food truck Taco de Paco. Wadsworth and the group started working in the truck at last night's weekly Food Truck Wound-Up. Wadsworth says he and the students will be redesigning the menu and rebranding the truck in the future in an effort to revamp Baton Rouge's food truck scene. Read the full story.


'225': Women find success in local culinary world

In Baton Rouge's expanding food scene, women occupy a significant role as caterers, food truck owners and even the head chef at your favorite local restaurant. In the latest issue of 225, Maggie Heyn Richardson profiles seven women who are putting their mark on the Capital City's culinary scene.

Among those profiled are Leslie Teel and Megan Nealy of French Market Bistro. Nealy is the chef de cuisine, and Teel is the head line chef. Together, they are creating daily specials and executing them in the kitchen. While food has been in Nealy's background since she was a child, Teel is a former LSU art major who decided the culinary world was the right place to express her creative talents.

"I could never work in an office," Teel says. "You have to love the pace and enjoy doing a million things at once." Read the full story.

Tsunami gets new general manager

A downtown Baton Rouge staple has brought in out-of-town talent. Tsunami's Capital City location hired Brian Owens in June as general manager. Owens previously worked at R & O's and Arnaud's, both in New Orleans. He says he's looking forward to bringing a little more flair to the dining experience at the sushi restaurant.

"Tsunami has been doing a phenomenal job already, serving sushi and great food for the past 14 years," he says. "We'll keep the food the same quality. I want to make the experience a little closer to a fine dining experience and bring the customer's experience up a little bit."

For more information on Tsunami, visit or call 346-5100. —Matthew Sigur

Du Jour

Three Bones to open on Third Street and close its food truck

Known for brisket fries and its own brand of Cajun barbecue, the Three Bones Catering food truck developed a strong following after it opened in Baton Rouge in 2010. That popularity jettisoned the business into a permanent location in Uncle Earl’s bar on Perkins Road late last year. Now owner Chris Meyers is opening a second Three Bones at 324-326 Third Street, which he says will be completed in December.

Three Bones specializes in grilled and Cajun cuisine, curing its own bacon and grinding beef for hamburgers in house. The company also makes boudin, sausages, bread and condiments.

Meyers brought the food truck back in August for about three weeks, but decided to close it permanently when staff walked off the job in the summer heat. He says he’ll still take on catering jobs, but that the truck is for sale.

“Keeping the thing running is extremely difficult,” Meyers says of the food truck business. “Now that I’ve gone into brick-and-mortar, it’s so much easier. You have to move an entire kitchen. It’s really, really hot in there, sometimes 130 degrees.”—Maggie Heyn Richardson

From ‘Spatula Diaries’: Trying out pupusas on Nicholson Drive

A hop, step and jump away from Voodoo Barbecue, Willy's Chicken and Waffles and Atcha Bakery, a red food truck with no hubcaps called La Salvadorena Pupuseria #2 sits on Nicholson Drive. "[The truck] seemed to round out what is becoming a small but interesting little food corridor on a thoroughfare connecting LSU to downtown," Maggie Heyn Richardson writes in her latest blog post. The truck serves pupusas, or flat, pan-friend Salvadoran dumplings. The pupusas are made by hand and carefully filled with an array of ingredients. Richardson has one word to describe the food truck's fare—heavenly. Read the full story.


Update: Tin Roof's tap room nearing completion

Fans of Tin Roof will be glad to hear that the local brewery's tap room is less than a month away from opening. Though a firm date has not been set in stone, the Capital City brewing company will resume tours Friday 5 p.m.-9 p.m. The tour will feature food from Taco de Paco and give patrons a view of the tap room.

The brewery hired Charles Pierce as its tap room manager and event coordinator last week. Pierce, a host of the Me and My Big Mouth podcast and radio show, has prior experience in management and says the tap room has the potential to become the hangout spot for Baton Rouge. Read the full story.

‘That’s the Spirit’ enjoys Craft Beer Week at The Pelican House

In honor of this week's Louisiana Craft Beer Week celebrations, 225 contributor Rivers Hughey heads to The Pelican House. There, Hughey tries the local tap room's beer cocktails and sits in wonder of the bar's glorious selection of brews. Check back Friday for the full story and read Hughey's previous posts here.


Fast break: Portobello's Grill offers the goods at lunch and dinner

Nestled in Bocage Village on Old Hammond Highway, Portobello's Grill could easily be overlooked by visitors to the shopping center. But it shouldn't be. The bar and grill specializes in dishes with an Italian influence, and has changed its menu over the past year, thinning it down to a respectable number of selections. I'd argue that they could pair it down a little more. However, what makes Portobello's worth a try is its consistency in service and tasty dishes. Read the full story.


Bin-Q Liquor hosts three tastings this week

Bin-Q Liquor gets into the fall spirit with a bevy of tastings. The local liquor store at 3911 Perkins Road hosts Louis Michot from Bayou Teche Brewing tonight 5 p.m.-7 p.m. Among the beers coming to Baton Rouge from the Arnaudville brewery is the Biere Joi, a collaborative beer that features Mello Joy coffee. On Friday, Bin-Q hosts Elkarita 4 p.m.-6 p.m. The natural, low-calorie, fruit-based mixer will be used in a couple of cocktails. Finally, on Saturday, Donner-Peltier Distillers visits for a noon-2 p.m. tasting of Rougaroux rum and Oryza vodka. Bin-Q opens at 7 a.m. Saturday and all LSU home games this season. For more information, call 364-2248. —Matthew Sigur

Heads up: Alexander’s Highland Market hosts Tour de France wine dinner

Alexander's Highland Market transforms its caf into a French bistro Wednesday, Oct. 22. At 6:30 p.m., the local grocery store hosts a Tour de France wine dinner, pairing traditional French cuisine with regional wine samples. The feast features seared foie gras, fresh rabbit charcuterie and much more. Tickets are $75 and can be purchased at Alexander's (18111 Highland Market Drive) or by calling 615-7800. Seating is limited. For a look at the full menu and more information, click here.


Wine scam busted in Italy

Last week, Italian police foiled a plot to flood the wine market with more than 220,000 counterfeit bottles of Tuscany's Brunello di Montalcino. The fraud is considered the biggest ever carried out in the agricultural and food sector, according to police chief Luca Albertario. In the scam, lower quality wine was sold with fake labels. Had the plot succeeded, the fake wines would have wound up on the tables of half the restaurants in the world. Read the full story via The Huffington Post.

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